The shrinking oil supply Wal Mart anyway

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Aug 15, 2020
Went in to get a 5 quart jug plus 1 quart to change the oil in my Jeep GC 3.6 5w20 and the had zero jugs of syn oil.... only some dino lube in QS
Penn had zero jugs but they did have quarts in 5w20 and since my last oil change labor day weekend prices have shot up about 40 percent ....
I was trying to stay with the Chrysler aproved brands ...I read somewhere that Mobil 1 was now but could not find any or valvoline either....Im going to try another wally world and see if my luck goto store was cleaned out. Guess i better buy a year supply next time if i find it in stock.
I think part of the problem is not enough shelf space. They probably have the oil in the back however there are not enough employees to stock the shelves. If you look at the oil filters the shelves are usually full as well as the car wash and wax products. If the shelf only holds a couple of cases of one type of fast selling oil it doesn't take too many customers to empty the shelf.
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