The road from our house, I ride it every time I head out

Was checking their hours to pick up our spring wine club stash - Venteux Vineyards. This is our “neighborhood” winery, literally a half mile walk from our house. They had this picture posted in their photo gallery. Picture is looking west towards the ocean. The road you see is Las Tablas Road. I ride this section of the road every single time I head out on the bike. I’m on it within 90 seconds of leaving the house and haven’t even begun to break a sweat yet. I ride on a network of isolated, back roads off in the distance. There are times I ride for 4+ hours at a time. Most areas are so isolated there’s no cell phone service so I file a flight plan with my wife when I head out. The picture is a good illustration why we feel so fortunate living here.



I'm surprised by the similarities of the view you have, with my own surroundings. My neighborhood looks just like that, if you take away the green grass & ocean, and insert desert & tumbleweeds. And of course, remove expensive winery & insert cheap desert living homes. Other than that, looks pretty much the same....

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California's Central Coast Wine Country
I miss living out there.....flying to Paso Robles.
My Dad served in WWII in the Army Air Corp, 8th Air Force, 96th Bomb Group based out of Snetterton-Heath. Aircraft mechanic. His photo album is jaw dropping, amazing pictures of B17s so damaged it's hard to imagine they made it back.

He was down to visit us and the organization with the B-17 and B-24 were in Paso. My wife and I took my Dad there to check them out. Little did he know I bought him a flight on the B-17. $500 IIRC. When they were getting ready to fly they started to herd people away. As we started to walk away I handed my Dad his ticket. Being hard of hearing and in his 80s it took him a minute or two to realize what was happening. Brought him to tears.

I was so proud of him when I saw the gorgeous Flying Fortress roar down the runway!

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I lived in CA most of my life. I am keenly aware that rolling hills of green are not the norm for California. Had a rain storm recently? 😄