The Moped

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Mar 19, 2004
A young man was sitting at a stop light on the less busy strip of road in a town.As he is sitting there,this really sharp convertable sports car pulls up beside him.As both are sitting there waiting for the long light to change,the young man leans over toward the fancy car and begins talking to the driver.The young man says "Man,that sure is one hot car".The driver says "Thanks,it is pretty nice".The young man on the moped then says "It looks like it can really go,it could probably almost fly as fast as it can go".The driver of the car reponds back by saying "Yep,it will really move,your moped wouldnt even begin to compare to it".As they wait,the driver starts thinking to himself,when that light changes I will show this kid what this car will do.The light changes and off goes the car.As he is going down the road he looks in his mirror to see how far back the moped is.As he is looking,he sees a small dot getting closer and closer and then it zips by him and then it zips back again.The driver is startled and doesnt know what to think or do.Once again he sees something and it zips by and zips back again,he then realizes it is the guy on the moped.He screeches to a halt and the moped comes to a halt.The guy in the car jumps out a little shaken and doesnt know what to do or say.He says,"I have never seen anything like that before out of a moped"! The guy on the moped is a little shaken himself and sitting on the road leaned up against the door of the fancy car .The driver of the car asks him:Can I do anything for you?" The guy on the moped then says "Yeah,you can unhook my suspender from your mirror". [ June 09, 2004, 12:02 PM: Message edited by: motorguy222 ]
Originally posted by Pablo: I think I crapped myself....
if you just "think" you crapped yourself, you might want to check. some surprises are good. others...
It's amazing how joke can get changed over time, just like the telephone game. I remember this one as a kid, only the kid was on a bike, and the suspenders got caught in his door, ect. -T
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