The Great Bush/Kerry Oil Debate

Transcript from the great Oil Debate... KERRY: I believe that this President made an error in judgement. We've rushed into this SM/GF-4 certification without a plan. Thie President did not consult our European allies and therefore has left us to bear the cost of protecting our engines alone. Reducing phosporous has left our engine with inadequate boundary protection and vulnerable to engine wear. Emissions component life did not attack us, Engine wear did...this President has not made our engines any safer. BUSH: Don't you think I know that engine wear attacked us? I know engine wear attacked us! What you need to realize is that protecting the engine is a global effort. Emission component failure WAS a threat, and our engines are better off now that the phosporous has been eliminated. We are working with our Japanese allies on ILSAC to formulate oils that will win this war against engine failure. My opponent has said that this SM/GF-4 is the wrong oil in the wrong place at the wrong time. How can he now say he's going to defeat the enemy with this oil? What our engines need is a Commander in Chief that is committed to this battle.