The Duron is Dark

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Mar 10, 2003
Calgary AB
Like the 0w30 Duron so far. Cold start knock is noticable better, although not much. smooth at idle, just the colour. Much darker than anything I've run before. Suspect it's the add pack for a HDMO as opposed to PCMO (what I've run before). Comments..... PS: The steak I'm eat'n, I don't think it was properly bled out, **** that's a heavy steak.
Yep, Just the colour of the additive package. Up until last year all of the Esso HDMO XD-3s were 7.5s and now with the CI-4s the colours have been reduced to 2.5-3.5s. Canuck's Duron mono-grades are very light too, being around a 2.5-3.0, just like their PCMOs. I had to perform a short drain on a 2000 Cougar 2.5L last weekend after only 1300 miles of use to get the SAE 30 Duron out before the cold weather hit. The engine with only 15,000 miles on it is extremely clean. I had trouble seeing the new very light and clear 5W30 Chevron synthetic on the dipstick.
A back in the day thread; Have I been using mono-grades that long? The car was a 2000 Cougar, the owner a 1954 cougar. It's interesting that the switch from CH-4 to CI-4 in 2003 resulted in a significantly lighter colour in Esso's XD-3. Back in the day, XD-3 0W40 was PAO, KV100C @ 15.7 and high saps. SA was 1.49%/wt. The Duron XL 0w30 is still CH-4, HTHS >3.4 I just used a case of it last winter in my Dmax. Six months 150 cold starts, 10k km, the level never changed on the dipstick. The engine seemed to always be in regen mode, and the low oil pressure compared to XW40 took some getting used to.
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