The Delo 400 10w30 is only SJ rated. Should I use it?

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Apr 17, 2003
Wimberley, Texas
Got the case of 10w30 today.Open it up and notice the gallons were made on 10/07/02 and they are CH-4/SJ rated.Is this stuff too out of date? Okay, the oil is probably OK sealed up and in the unopened case,but SJ is a little old.Also, there is no mention of ISO SYN anywhere on the box or bottle.

I was wanting to use this for the Cali trip.4 quarts 10w30 1 quart 15w40(which is very fresh, CI-4/SL rated made 6/18/03).

Would I be better off just using some regular SL rated 10w30 like Pennzoil,Chevron,or Castrol?

I know this oil for the trip thing is getting old

One more thing. I have got 2 quarts of the 10w30 Chevron Supreme SL made 3/12/03. So I could use these with 2 quarts delo 10w30 and a quart 15w40.That would get some moly in there, but maybe this old delo 400 is still better than their supreme.

Nobody uses delo400 10w30 around here so I guess that's the newest I am going to get.
Thanks guys!
MrTCar, I would go ahead and use the SJ Delo 400 10W-30. I don't really see the need to mix one quart of Delo 15W-40 with four quarts of Delo 400 10W-30 unless you have an oil consuption problem with the motor. However I don't see a problem with mixing the two viscosities either. I like the specs of the latest SL/CI-4 rated 10W-30 diesel motor oils but they are almost impossible to find. Is the Delo 400 that you purchased rated SJ/CH-4 or SJ/CI-4?
There are several issues with this:
1. The oils forumlations are often changed way before they can put it on thelabels, and often there are 1000's of empty bottles in stock. Delo 400 15w40 passed the CI-4/SL tests back in 1998, but couldn't say more than that they were positioned to pass the PC-9, as no one knew yet what it would be called.
2. Inventory of finished product. Four months ago they sent me Delo Synthetic 5w40 that was dated july...... so it only says CH-4 on it rather than CI-4. I'm hoping that what comes in this week will say CI-4.
3. Inventory at point of sale. 98% of what I sell is in drums and pails, so a pallet of quarts can sit for a year of two. It took me until 10 months after the launch of SL to order a pallet of Supreme 5w30 in gallons, only to find that they sent another pallet of SH..... so it will be another year for my gallons, although I move 30 drums of it a month.
But it's all compatible. Just keep your viscosities where you need them for your engine and climate, and you are fine.
MRTCAR, This would be the oil to use your witch's brew with. If you want an oil to fortify start with this oil. Oil Extreme and 132 would worth adding here to play around with!!

Originally posted by JohnBrowning:
MRTCAR, This would be the oil to use your witch's brew with.

...Nose of newt
And tongue of toad
I'll mix a brew just for the road
And then I'll drive both night and day
To get to Cal-i-for-nigh-ay
If it was my car, I'd use it & not worry about it. When I change my oil in ~1 month, at ~15K(has 14 K now!), I plan to fill with some SJ 0w40 Lubro Moly. Delo's an excellent oil, I bet it does fine.

Got the case of 10w30 today.Open it up and notice the gallons were made on 10/07/02 and they are CH-4/SJ rated.Is this stuff too out of date?

I find myself laughing because this is exactly what happened to me when I ordered a case each of Delo 10w30 gallon and quart bottles from my Chevron dealer last May. The oil was dated October 2002 and was SJ, not SL. Further, there was no "Isosyn" graphic on either bottle.

I had planned on running it for 4,000 to 4,500 miles in my 99 Suburban 5.7L but decided to "use it up faster" since it was somewhat "dated" and because it was I've gone with 3,000 mile intervals.

I'll probably just go ahead and by Delo15W40 when I finish this batch up since it's easier to buy at Wal Mart and usually the date on the bottle is within 60 days of my purchase.

I know maybe 1% as much about oil as the rest of the guys on this board so my reaction probably looks dumb
According to the CD's and literature I have, Delo products have met the SL CI-4 since 1998, even though they couldn't label them as such.
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