The best greese for truck and car lube points?

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Mar 16, 2003
Hello, I was wondering if any of you know about good greese for lubing ball joints, tire rod ends and all those little greese nipples under a truck. I saw that mobil 1 makes a greese for under a truck, is it any good or should I just use factory greese from the dealer. I have my own greese gun so I do it myself and would like o know what the best greese is for trucks to help the ball joints etc. last longer. Many thanks! [Smile] P.S. The truck is a Chevy Silverado if that makes any difference.
You want a grease rated as LB for your chassis (GC rating is for wheel bearings, and many greases are dual rated). You'll want a #2 thickness grease for most climates, and probably a lithium complex or aluminum complex base material. Your choice...synthetic oil or conventional oil in the base--grease is a sponge-like base material with oil in the pores. For slow moving, heavily loaded sliding joints I like a moly-fortified grease. I'm not sure that most moly greases are suitable for u-joints or wheel bearings. Ken
Exxon Unirex N is a great grease. At least it used to be. It is used in heavy industry (at least was) Even though it is not EP it can be used in this applocation. It is very high temp and is extremely waterproof. I use it in the cardan and U-Joints on my '94 Toyota. It actually calls for two greses. One is supposed to have moly. Well 9 years later and 80K-no problem.
Maybe Al, but since he is wanting a good grease for that application, There is a PROVEN Moly WATER PROOF grease specific for his application and even one of our site supporters sells it quite reasonable I might add. On the top of this page, is a guy named Tim at Mills Outdoor Power, his ad is displaying his 800#. I'd recommend the alum complex 221#2 schaeffers grease as it will blend in with what ever other grease you currently have on there now, and it will extend the life of that equipment with no doubt. It also works really well in boat trailer applications since it is totally water proof unlike lithium complexes which will turn milky because it holds water and will wash out. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the help!!! I'll have to give that Schaffers greese a try. Is the Mobil 1 greese any good for lubing up my truck? I think Auto Zone sells it.
m1s grease is a good grease but it is not a water proof grease and will milk up when it mixes as it is a lithium grease like most that are on the shelf. Here is a couple of pics with a well known brand off the shelf lithium grease with water...  -  - This is schaeffers 221#2 with water..  - And this is after the guy used hand cleaner to clean it off with...  - This stuff is some nasty, sticky, doesn't go anywhere grease.
I am trying to find some more of the Quaker State Golden chassis grease.That stuff has brass powder in it and used it for years with great results...I have a little they still supply it?
Reguardless of price is there any thing better then the Schaffers 221#2 for the ball joints ect?
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