The 10w-40 Syntec

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Sep 20, 2002
New York, NY
Meets some impressive specs. Heard a couple of guys say good things about it, someone even said it might have group IV in it?

I like the tighter spread vs M1 0w-40.
Anyone have a take on this oil?

Enough so that I went to three Wal-Marts to get an accumulation of two cases of it.
I haven't put it into either of my cars yet. I am impressed the the ACEA A3, B3, Japanese valve train wear, VW T4 Test, GM4718, Porsche, BMW, Volvo and Mercedes Benz ratings. It can't be a poor product and be rated at all those.
I am currently using it in the BMW. The color is gold, not green but it has the sweet Tide detergent aroma. A UOA will be done and posted when it is changed.

Compared to 15W-40 Chevron Delo, there is significantly more oil consumption and no measurable increase in gas mileage. Unless the UOA is spectacular, I will go back to Delo. This is a high-mileage engine operated in a warm climate.
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