The 10 Beers We Love to Hate

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Now I know why I quit drinking..

A friend of mine's Dad was talking about PBR as being a "driveway beer". I found out he meant that it was something you drank while working on your car in the driveway. I thought he meant it was something you used to clean your driveway.

(for what it's worth, I've bought a case or two in my life)

When I was in college we had a can of "Burgie" in the fridge and someone wrote on it; "if you are sober enough to read this message, you aren't drunk enough to drink this beer yet."
Those comments were a blast! Glad I quit drinking two years ago, I would hate to run into one of those beers listed. But, they forgot Schaffers Beer. The next day that one will have you running for the outhouse tripping and falling on your way there.
Never tried anything on the list, worst IMO is Coors Light. Might as well be water.
When money was tight back in college, a looong time ago, we bought a case of Red White And Blue beer for about $4.99. Rumor was it was the bottom of the barrel from Pabst, not quite good enough to make it to Blue Ribbon. Truely awful stuff, as was Molson Beer which I bought once by mistake instead of Molson Golden.
Lets be serious chemical brewed beers are rubbish. Most Oz beers are but there are sensational boutique breweries everywhere. I can buy local organic beer which is so clean tasting it's hard to come to grips with but so good.
the ultimate beer is the one you make on your own. Even a cheap beer making kit tastes better than most store beer due to the lack of chemicals in the mix.

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