That was most unfortunate..

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
I was down across the Canada/US border in Calais, Maine today, and I stopped into the Walmart. To make a long story short, after wandering around the oil section for 20 minutes, I picked up a gallon jug of MMO and a spray can of B12 Chemtool. When I got home, I pryed off the cap on the B12 to see how strong it smells. It's quite strong, let's put it that way. I put the cap back on, then I got the idea to try and see if I could dissolve some paint with it, so I pry off the cap again, and off comes the cap. Oh, the spray nozzle also came off with the cap too! I looked at the nozzle, and it looks like it's broken at the base, I tried pressing it back into the can, but it won't go back in. Did I just ruin the whole can? [Thumbs Down!] I was going to spray the throtle body on the Accord tommorow, weather permitting. The can will still spray almost properly if I hold the can with one hand and push down firmly on the nozzle. That's not too bad, but it takes away one hand I could have used to hold a PCV valve in place while spraying it, so on so forth. I suppose I can still use the can, but now I might have to have a helper hold parts in place as I spray them. Oh, I also picked up 2 bottles of CD-2 high performance oil boost for $1.33 a piece at Marden's. They had a dozen or so, and they've been there a while. Next time I go down there if I have any money I'll probably clean out however many bottles of the stuff they have left.
Thats too bad on the spray nozzle. I have a can of CRC Electronic Contact Cleaner that won't spray, just drips. Should have returned it. Nice price of the Oil Boost. I just bought 6 bottles at Big Lots for $2 each. I understand retail is around $12 a bottle. I got the zinc, phosphorus, calcium and moly levels from the company and posted them in a thread under the Additives forum if you are interested. Zddp was around 4500 ppm. You probably can get away with half a bottle at a time.
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