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Dec 27, 2002
va beach
hey, just for a hour or 2, lets everyone forget about oil. just for a little while. let us all remember what thanksgiving is all about. about the less fortunate, who won't be eating turkey or anything else today. or maybe tomorrow either. people in our own towns and cities living in their cars, or on the streets. people and their children, cold, because they don't have enough clothes. we are very lucky indeed if one of our biggest concerns is our automobiles oil. i wish all of the old and new members of this board a wonderful thanksgiving and a very merry christmas! count our blessings. oh yeah, don't forget our and our allies whomever they may be, it's kinda hard to tell at times, soldiers in iraq and afganistan. god be with them and may they be home soon, penzdude [ November 27, 2003, 02:44 PM: Message edited by: penzdude ]
Like Penzdude said but also please thank all the men and woman whom we all owe our freedom to, the active, reserve and retired Vet's of America [Patriot] and Canada [Canada] . May thier maker bless and guide them during the holdays. PS Turkey has Oil and my Salad has Oil and Butter is Oil [Duh!] . DaveJ
hell yeah, god almighty. i surely didn't mean to forget the vets. my aplogies. and anyone else i forgot to mention as well. everyone, have a great holiday season.
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