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Feb 13, 2007
I hope each of you have special Thanksgiving with all your favorite foods.

If you shop on Black Friday be careful. I never shop then because it is a mad house.

Happy Thanksgiving Helen and to all the members here.

I do my BF shopping on the internet. This year I have the added bonus of keeping an eye on bitog at the same time!
Will do. Going out with girlfriend, but not to shop. A nice drive with the heat on and some coffee is my highlight. I dont mess with the crowds as all I need is pennzoil ultra platinum and its always priced for 27.00. Happy Thanksgiving all
Happy Thanksgiving. My wife has a rather large turkey for us, so it should be turkey-time for a while. We're having my wife's parents over, my daughter is having her boyfriend over, my son's home from school and we have a new dog (for a total of three dogs) in the mix. So it should be an interesting day. Again, Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I'll be smoking a Turkey for a couple hours, then in the oven it goes for the rest of the time.

AWESOME STUFFING: Mix in (cooked) Pork Sausage & small Apple chunks. Incredible.
Thank you Helen!

I am Thankful for being busy - even though it's the source of my stress

Thankful for being able to take time off - time off is good when you are busy and stressed

Thankful for being human and not being perfect - but having the opportunity to be forgiven

Thankful for canned bacon and uncanned bacon

Thankful for having shelves full of oil and needing to change oil less

Thankful for all the females in my life, they are my life blood and my life - even though they are a source of my stress
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope yall all have a safe and joyous day. My morning started out the bitog way, working on my truck, but the rest of the day will be centered around family and friends.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Take a moment to reflect on the good things in your life. Even if things are not going as well as you had hoped, I bet there is still plenty to be thankful for.
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