Thanks to the members here for their wisdom

I posted a health question here a while ago concerning my hyperthyroid problem. The link is here:

The advice to get a second opinion was spot on! I wound up going to Houston to get a total thyroidectomy. My surgeon was at Baylor College of Medicine/ St Luke’s hospital. While easy to get to, removing a thyroid can be precarious: there are parathyroid glands that control calcium levels and vocal chord nerves mixed in making the surgery a very intricate affair. In the time it took me to get to the surgery my nodule had grown from 2.15 cm to 2.5 cm! i was very comfortable with my surgeon as he does scar free thyroidectomies through the mouth along with the traditional removal from front neck. It’s all he does.

My surgery went without a hitch, I was talking in post-op and my calcium levels are bang in the middle of the allowed range. I never needed post-op pain meds, nothing. I was given one pill right after surgery, that’s it! The surgery was at 10am and I walked into Walmart at 5pm to get my synthroid prescription!
The tape over the neck suture bothered me more than the cut itself. The sore throat from the anesthesia vent pipe loosened up gradually and now, one week after surgery, I’m good. I’ll be taking synthroid the rest of my life but in reality that’s was in the cards no matter what I did. I’m on a base dose of hormones and I feel great. In 5 weeks I’ll take a blood test and my endocrinologist will start zeroing in on the exact dose; I feel so good now there may very little adjustment necessary.

So, once again, a hearty thank you to the members here! If anyone needs the name of my surgeon pm me and I’ll send it along.
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Glad your mending. MIL a very dear lady in her mid 80's had a low metabolism due to a para thyroid, she was slower to recover,but she's doing OK
Thanks for shaing and happy to learn of your good news with the surgery. I'm always a bit concerned with any surgery these days because of past experiences that didn't turn out so well.


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So glad you’ve been properly treated. Synthroid every day is a commonplace condition. Super easy. Well established treatment and people live a long life on Synthroid.