Thanks to all

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Oct 11, 2004
upstate n.y
Just want to give a big thanks to all who helped me with my EGR problem yesterday, ( MechTech 2) was right on the money, I took off the air intake and was able to look inside the intake and sure enough the carbon buildup was there, The auto parts store was still open and I ran down and purchased the gaskets that I needed and finished the job in 2 1/2 hrs,Some scraping and using throttle cable steel casing and bingo! Went back this morning and had the code cleared and Im good to go. By the way there was a video on youtube that helped me familerize myself with the job at hand, Well again a big THANKS this site has helped me more than once. If I could buy you all a cold beer I would do so without hesitation..Kkat
Glad you're all fixed. I didn't mention the carbon because your original post mentioned that you cleaned it and thought it was clean.
Not open for further replies.