thanks BITOGers

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Feb 1, 2006
St. Peters, Mo.
Thanks to the helpful folks here I took advantage of the Advance A/P sale on Purolator PP oil filters at $2.44 this weekend. Also since I'm just a poor newbe with no oil stash I also grabbed some Formula Shell 10W30 at $1.24/qt. for the Hyundai, it was SL so I don't plan on using it in the Monte Carlo too, guess I stick with the Trop Arctic from WAL*MART for that.
Just be careful, this can be considered a sickness. My Dodge club cab is in storage right now and the back, both driver's and passengers seats and footwells are stuffed with cases of oil and filters. I probably have close to a five year supply for all my vehicles, but how do you pass up .01 Purolators at Pep Boys and .99/gal. Delo at AutoZone? [Welcome!]
Not open for further replies.