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Feb 25, 2014
Kansas (316)
Before my purchase of my 12' Hyundai Accent I was not even on the radar of using Sopus oils. I bought the car last october with 8900 miles on it and before it reached 10000 I ran pennzoil platinum 5w20. Ran well and all my rumors of sludge and pennzoil went away. I just passed 75000 tonight and have ran nothing but platinum/ultra with the one change of redline oil @ around 40000. This website has been a great tool of knowledge and reason. I want to thank everyone for their inputs, suggestions,complaints,etc. I still run a small amount of LM Mos2 each oil change but I do believe PP/ PU have been the majority reason I have got better mpg than even the factory spec'd. With E 0 gas and an injen intake I get 40mpg+.
BITOG has many knowledgeable members, they not only know about oil and every other fluids needed in almost any vehicle they also know about mechanical and almost everything else. There are many diversify members here, if I have any question about anything else, not my cars, I would post here and get straight answers in no time.
I can't stay off this forum! I learn new things everyday by being here. This Thanksgiving, I will be giving thanks for everyone here that has given me a wealth of information. I enjoy being here!
amen, I now buy my oil in the yellow bottles, color coding at my age is good....................
Right you are HTSS. Gets a little anal at times with a lot of picking *%$# with the chickens, but it's a quality site with many knowledgeable members.I like to visit the site everyday. Regards
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My wife n friends think I'm insane but I love it here
Same here! Everyone asks me why I waste my time on here. They say oil is oil. I tell them they have no clue and they also don't know how crazy I am about my car and what goes in it. I like being here a lot!! I am a BITOG addict! Can't stay away!
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I have over 100 qts of PP/PUP/QSUD and 20 cans of LM Mos2 ...hoarding bitog style.
I am the opposite! Got over 50 oil filters and one case of Mobil 1. Nobody around the L.A. area carries Ultra Platinum.
Originally Posted By: Marco620
I have over 100 qts of PP/PUP/QSUD and 20 cans of LM Mos2 ...hoarding bitog style.
It's a sickness. A mental illness. We all have it. And yeah, at the grass roots, oil is oil to those who trade every two years. But to those of us that run them out until the interior is rotten, until the frame collapses from rust, the oil (and all the other mechanical attention we pay) matters. And THAT is all that's important. Oh yeah, and the a$$-dyno. That matters TOO! cheers
This site is pure gold. Heh... even after a few years my oil buying habits/addiction is still there... maybe not as strong as it used to be... unless I find a sale grin
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