Texas three kick rule

South Central Texas
There was this Big time lawyer, from out of state, duck hunting in Texas. He shoots a duck in flight, only to see it land in the neighbors pasture. Knowing he paid good money to shoot a duck, he ignores the "no trespassing" signs and crawls through the fence to get his prize. Just then, the neighbor drives up on his old farmall, wearing old overalls with patches all over. He askes the lawyer, who he thinks he is, trespassing on his property, and to leave. "I am a high profile litigator, and I dont think you want to challenge me in court", was his reply. "That may be so", said the old guy, "but here in Texas we settle everything with the three kick rule. Each party gets to kick the other party three times, taking turns, until the other side gives up." Thinking he can take the old cooter, the lawyer agrees, and lets the old gent go first. The old coot slowly walks up to the lawyer and plants his boot into the lawyers stomach. Gasping for breath, the lawyer stumbles forward, only to receive a kick in the groin, lifting him into the air. Doubling over on the ground, the old coot delivers his final kick to the lawyers face, almost wiping his nose off. Moaning on the ground, the lawyer struggles to his feet, tears on his face. "OK, my turn!" "I give up, you can take your duck!!"