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Apr 18, 2004
Boynton Beach FL.
You guys know a lot more than most about oils so tell me.If the NYC cabs were to run extended oil changes using the specs like PP,FP,HT/HS, CCS, VI,TBN& NOACK as a guideline could oils be rated from the data released by the companys. Yes P-S-B to help people find the best oil for their needs.
Nope. NYC is a relatively mild climate and taxis are typically large sedans. Plus, these cars rarely ever get shut-down to fully get the engine cold.

The best oil for a NYC cab, might not be the best for a hi-revving Honda in North Dakota or a Euro car driven in the desert. It might also void warranties.

I think a "best" oil is too specific to the particular engine, climate, and driving conditions for this to be valid.
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