tesla model y transmission fluid and filter questions

Nov 13, 2012
Corona, CA
asking because i have a model y long range on order a year out. couldn't find much info at the moment but i've seen that there's the typical drain plug and not so typical fill plug. when you pull the fill plug the oil comes out. you also need to pull the cv axle out in order to put a specified amount of fluid through the cv axle hole. sounds bizarre to me. can you just plug the drain hole, jack up one side to increase fluid capacity, that way you avoid having to pull the cv axle? if you fill up the fill hole it is technically underfilled. plus there's 2 spin on transmission fluid filters. the elements possibly can't be lifetime right? it will tear at one point? anyone do a teardown on the filter?
Jul 11, 2014
Paradise of Florida
Didn't they original use DexronIII, and then Dexron VI, and now unobtanium Tesla electron saving SK ATF 9, not to be consufed with ZF ATF 9?
III, VI and now 9? I'm waiting on ATF 12!

Do they sell their filters still or did they issue an owner stop-sale on them to prevent maintenance in order to save the world from fluids and filters wasted?

Wasn't there an aftermarket filter kit? unpluggedperformance? Might be easier to remotely mount a double PH8a or Amsoil dual with bypass!!!!

Think of the range increase with ultra ultra low lowest viscosity ATF!!!!!