Tecumseh 10hp has proved itself!

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Apr 14, 2009
OK i know this might make a few of you upset but this engine was going to be scrapped by my employer no if's ands or buts about, it is just our policy that after were finished using something it must be scrapped. This engine was on a rather old and abused snowblower which was being decommissioned, due to the auger gears being messed up. To give this old faithful piece of equipment one final moment of glory we drained the oil and ran the beast for ten minutes in an attempt to sieze the engine. Ten minutes ran by and this thing was still running STRONG no abnormal noise or anything, after ten minutes of torture in fear of getting the wrong peoples attention we shut it down. The following day i pulled it over with the ign. off to test for increased resistance or siezure and to my surprise it pulled over with no increased resistance or anything. I'd bet this thing would run for another 20 minutes without problems. Sorry for the long winded post i just thought it necessary to make public the results of this torture test.
Not too surprising considering there was no load on the engine. Had you loaded it up, I don't think it would have lasted quite so long...
Techumsea Snow King Engine were iron lined. The had the very best of bearings and the ignition system was heavy duty. They were built the way Kawasaki's and Honda's are built today. I have a 30 yr old Ariens with 30 yrs on it's 8Hp Tec that runs like new. A neighbor has one that's 35+ yrs old and runs great. The new tech L-head SnowKings are still pretty decent. Not fancy...just solid. The original Tec SnowKings were built to Arien's specs as Ariens invented the 2-staged snowblower some 38 yrs back. ....then comes ...ahem...MTD...and their spec's....
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