Technical Data on Mobil Drive Clean Blend

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Jul 4, 2002
Savannah, GA
Does anyone have any information on Mobil Drive Clean Blend? Mobil has changed the formulation and called it "Drive Clean Plus". It looks a little thicker than the old Blend. If anyone has any info, please let me know. Thanks, Joe
First thing I noticed is that they are actually a bit thicker then the normal M1 so I don't think they meet the energy conserving spec. I wish it was the other way around and M1 didn't meet it and therefore could have higher HT/HS numbers. In stead the Drive clean has it. I've never been to impressed with Drive clean from our UOA's. The blens might be better but why not just go all the way and use M1. IMO>
Both Drive Clean Blend 5W-30 and Drive Clean Plus Blend 5W-30 are SL/GF-3/Energy Conserving oils. Drive Clean Plus Blend is also CF rated. Drive Clean Plus Blend also states it has 23% more additives.

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Al, thanks for the link, but i have that info. My problem is I need to find the old "Blend" info to compare it to.

Buster, I got pretty good results using the "Blend" as opposed to the regular Drive Clean in my Explorer. I have one more batch to sample in a week or so. I am considering just going with Supersyn.

Pscholte, if they would just tell us what those extra 23% additive are

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Ya gotta figure one of the more "concentrated" ingredients is moly...but, of course, that's guessing
Thanks to Novadude on a previous post, I found a few specs concerning viscosity, which is what I am interested in:
Vis @ 40C = 69 cSt........75.0 cst
Vis @ 100C = 10.5 cSt.....11.4 cst
Pour Point = -42C (-44F)...-36 (-33)

As you can see, the Plus is thicker than the old Blend, and has a higher pour point. I liked the lower pour point of the old 10W30. -Joe
If someone wanted a blend it would be a better value to go 50/50 M1/Drive Clean. THis way you get almost a 50/50 blend instead of 70%-90% Dino and 10%-25% synthetic you would get 50% synthetic and 50% dino. THis of course is not takeing carrier oils into consideration. THe price would be about the same.
I'm using Drive Clean Plus 10W30 in my 4.0L Grand Cherokee and I think its great. I'm using a purolator premium plus filter. My oil pressure is a little high (65 is the max, gauge goes to 80) at start up but i dont give a good warm up time. I'm going to Mobil 1 next change in about 1000 miles. I'm gonna run the M1 for 5K intervals. We've been getting good gas milage with Drive Clean Plus.
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