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Feb 9, 2004
Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to offer a little real life fact info as to the read out of a tech sheet on an oil I am looking at. The story with this one is, that it is an off the shelf mineral oil that is being market as being used in it's off the shelf form in various forms of racing. they claim that they have a product that is strong enough to provide maximum protection to all engines from Turbo 4's to Big Big $ and Horsepower V8's. Speaking to the Tech line they recommend the Oil, for flat out racing, dragging and claim that this is why they don’t make a pure racing oil, because the off the shelf general product has been designed to withstand all extremes. Now there is allot of speculation as to whether or not it is really used in racing, like our V8 Supercars, but I am wondering is there someone with the ability to read enough tin to the data sheet and give a Technical opinion. I didn't include the Wording Product description because they can say what they like to talk up a product, but the numbers sound’s lie. Here is the Tech Info: API: SL, SH, SG API: CF KEY PROPERTIES SAE Grade 20W-50 Density at 15°C, kg/L 0.893 Base Number, D2896, mg KOH/g 8.16 Base Number, D4739, mg KOH/g 7.9 Flash Point, °C 210 Pour Point, °C -27 Phosphorus, %m 0.10 Sulfated Ash, %m 0.94 Viscosity, cSt at 40°C 174 Viscosity, cSt at 100°C 19.1 Viscosity Index 125 Zinc, %m 0.11 Thanks guy's, I can't wait to here about it! And if anyone is interest in reading the full page the link is:
Francis, I saw that advertisement in Muscle Cars. Smelled like B.S. to me, and pretty risky if you are a top rating supercar racer with 600plus HP from a 5 litre V-8, running at Bathurst.
That is exactly right! And the exact comments made by allot of people I have spoke to the Oil about! BUT, there are a few things that I have heard along the way of trying to get to the bottom of it all. 1. I wont name names, but I came across an ex Caltex Tech adviser once, and he has and at the time had nothing to do with Caltex anymore, told me that the "off the shelf" comment made by Caltex in relation to the Havoline is True! He said part of his job duties were to personally deliver the required amount of stock to the Clatec V8 supercar team and Rally Team. 2. There is a comment made by the Caltex race team that they invited a Motoring Jerno to attend a race, and told him along the way to pick up the required amount of Havoline from a Caltex of choice and then poor it in before they went racing! The Journo walk up and down pit lane asking if any other teams would allow him to put in the Oil they claim to be using, but got no other takers. 3. The Tech Help Line are fully obligated to make quality recommendations, and take a chance that by not doing so you could risk engine damage. I have drawn up some pretty impressive engine specs and ask for there recommendations, only to have time and time again "off the shelf" Havoline recommended. 4. I have been told that if you are making direct indications as to what product you are using in a car then under the consumer affairs act, they are fully obligated to do so. Well, I still don’t know, because if this Oil was that good, the 1 everyone would be using it and 2 you would think the back of the bottle would read a bit more impressive! While I have a basic knowledge of how to read Tech sheets, I am hoping there would be someone that could clear this all up.
That is nearly the same specs as the Halvoline LPG engine oil. Look up the specs on the Caltex website, and compare the two. It is nothing out of the ordinary, if you can get the LPG oil cheaper, use that. I think the Marketing Department have been let loose again. [Big Grin] Dave
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