Tear Downs

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Nov 16, 2002
Idrinkmotoroil brought up a good point that had me thinking about UOA's.

Are race teams using UOA's or Tear downs (or both) to inspect wear on an engine? Redline's great reputation among many prof. racing teams using both their street oils and racing oils must come from visual inspections I'd imagine and not UOA's. And like Joey said below, they probably never even use UOA's.


The reason Howell and Dave and anyone else down at Redline have no answer to the elevated soft metals in UOA's is likely because they dont rely on UOA's for their testing. In the racing world you use an oil and then tear the motor apart and inspect critical parts. That is how the know if an oil is doing its job or not. They likely spend time measuring all of the wear metal from an engine during testing (forget the name of that process) , rather than using UOA data. I bet if you ask any race team that uses Redline about elevated soft metals in UOA's they wont know what you are talking about either, because they are using more direct methods of measuring wear.

Lastly Redline is not touted as a long drain fluid, Dave at Redline will always tell you to follow the manufacturers recommended drain interval with their fluid, they wont push for longer drains. Most other oil companies wont either other than Amsoil.


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