Teaching my daughter during these times...

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Oh, that is heart breaking. Well, at least you have family nearby. Maybe he would accept the reason why quarantine is occurring now? Kids can reason sometimes..
thumbsup Haven't been total strangers through this but its so different from a few months ago when my routine was having the three boys 2 days a week on my days off , kind of Grandpa Day care. Eli and Emmett ages 3 and 5 got dropped off around 11 am, then we'd go pick up the 9 year old at school- Evan at 230. Shortly after we do supper, they get picked up. sleep
Great thread! I do the same with my children. My daughter was taught how to change oil at 15. She was also taught how to check tire pressure and rotate tires at that age. My son is the same way. They know how to use torque wrenches, impact drivers and a hydraulic lift to rotate tires.