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Mar 10, 2005
NW Indiana
Any tea connoisseurs out care to recommend the best tea and any neccessary steps to prepare it?
a prewarmed ceramic teapot with the leaves loose in 200* water, steep to taste, is the "best" way to prepare black teas. always add the water to the tea, not the tea to the water. loose leaf tea is generally higher quality than bagged teas.
About tea, water quality is quintessential, more so than when making coffee, filtered, softened, low mineral content reservoir water being the best,well water absolute no no, the temperature while seeping the leaves is critical as well as it has to be close to boiling point but never boiling.The tea cups and pots should be pre heated,critical to keep a timer and no more than 4 minutes sharp for Darjeeling,rule of thumb,one teaspoon per cup of tea brewed plus one teaspoon for the pot, quantity of water should be exactly one cup. Happy Chai Brewing. [Smile]
Agree on the water. I really like green tea, specifically Chinese "exotics" grown by the old fashioned farmers....hard to find and real expensive in the USA now, I mean the qty has increased and price of the generic stuff has dropped - but the reports are this stuff is loaded with pesticides and heavy metals. The stuff I like is the real long jin.
I like green tea also, mainly the Japanese types, sencha, bancha, and kukicha, and also Chinese types such as Dragon Well, and good old Jasmine tea. Pablo sent me some leaves a while back that made excellent tea.
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