TBN, new method, old method...

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May 25, 2003
Quebec Canada
I've read many UOA tonight and on few occasion I've read that they use 2 different way to measure TBN. On my latest UOA posted here my TBN was at 1.07 the base number was 7.7. What method they use ?? Lab is Wearcheck Canada (Patman ?) What is more important ? To stay in grade, or to have better TBN number ? Finally, at which point the TBN became non-efficient ? Thanks guys Richard
Wear check uses the more conservative ASTM D4739 test method ...I'd use a lower limit of 2.0 on TBN using that test protocol. As long as wear rates are good, whether the oil shears or thickens a bit doesn't really matter. If the TBN gets too low you will start to get corrosive bearing wear and the engine will accumulate sludge/varnish/carbon deposits....So TBN loss is much more serious. Tooslick www.lubedealer.com/dixie_synthetics
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