Tax prep charges?

Dec 7, 2003
Florida, Cape Coral
My CPA is charging me $450 to do my taxes. I have lots of stocks, some overseas plus the usual Retirment, SS and some other investments.

What are you folks paying for similar?
thats in line with their services i'd say

the tax preparation fees scale goes like this; Tax Lawyers, CPA, EA, Tax Office/Professional/Preparer and filing Online/Tax Software

in the end, you pick your fee
For my single member llc sole proprietor disregarded entity that is a member of a parent llc $1250 to file returns. This is on top of the $750 monthly retainer for the practice. That gets you quarterly statements/meetings, tax planning, and unlimited questions/communications. I speak to the accountant at least monthly and if there’s a special occasion significantly more.
I used to do my own. Then I went to a tax guy in town for a couple years but we had a fall out. Then I went to a tax lady in town that charged $90. She was very nice but getting old and close to retirement. She forgot to file a 1099 for me and I got a nice letter from the IRS. She decided to retire. I tried to do my own taxes but there were very complicated and I didn't know how to file stock option exercise of my company's stock so I moved to a CPA in town. He's significantly more expensive but more professional and knowledgeable. He was charging $300 but it's $400 this year. I'll stick with him.
For our family's tax prep, which is nothing special but does include a simple profit/loss for a part-time business of mine, our tax guy charged us 92.50 this year.
Zero. I DIY with pencil and paper. I mean, you have to do 95% of the work yourself in adding up the receipts for purchases, expenses, deductions, etc. anyway. Not paying someone hundreds for the other 5%.
We have a CPA investment guy do ours in recent years. He was $250 until recently and now $300. I think that it's worth it as his software also seems very good and nothing seems be missed or a problem. I used to do it myself and then AARP Taxmen as a neighbor and past co-worker did it.
Use a tax software and DIY. It's easy, just follow instructions step by step and answer the questions. It also has auto fill on your multiple personal income tax documentations. I did mine for $24.00 (HR Block software.)
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Personal taxes with a single member LLC through TurboTax $240, that also includes two states since I work and live in different states. We don't have a very complicated tax situation, even with the LLC.

The last two years have been the only years that I used a CPA, mainly because I was scared of the LLC but have since learned it's not that complicated. Those years cost $500 each. On top of that, they missed a Maryland LLC filing for both years. I was able to do that earlier this year when I got the notice in the mail, fortunately there wasn't a penalty.

Where I work is a S Corp, those taxes were $3100 including 1099s, 1120 and some misc meetings and tax prep discussions.
For all the extra work that does sound around right. It's the reason why many switch to etf's since they're tax efficient and that can actually make you more. if you are doing it yourself.
federal is free.
state is $14? but I just go to my states website and type it in for 15min and that is free too.

Turdblo tax and hrbunk always nickel and dime you.
want to import last years info.. fee
need to file a w2-g fee
anything besides 1040ez... fee.
royalties oh have to upgrade to premier big fee.

Freetaxusa.. is .... free.. after 4 years still working good. copies in all of your previous years data
you just plop in your numbers and done.

you can also upgrade to various options such as live advisor, and insurance etc.. but I never have.