"Tapped Out" from the bidding on a 2002 F350 with 7.3L diesel

I am surprised that nice tow hitch made it without disappearing from a salvage vehicle lot. As far as the price on the truck I would say it was about what it was worth. Not a steal by any means but bought right. I would not want wheel spacers on any vehicle however that would be an easy and inexpensive remedy to correct.
Is it about right? Stolen, salvage vehicle that one can't inspect, test, go by pictures only? Salvage title, lots of hassle there. Auction fees. Have to pickup four days after auction, or $35 a day storage fee.

Truck may well be worth the current price, but a lot of "blind" risk.

BTW- the way to solve the rim size issue is to get OEM rims from a 2004 Super Duty. Only year that 18" rims were made from the factory for this generation of Super Duty. The 2004 offered 18" option in the Harley Davidson and Lariat configurations in 2004.
Probably 18" wheels. My 98 F150 has 17" wheels, so I'm sure they offered a wheel larger than that 4 years later.
16" was the only size available on the Super Duty through 2003. 2004 18" were a option, in 2005 with the implementation of coil springs in the front, 18" became standard.

I did put the OEM 18" 2004 Harley Davidson wheels on my 2002 Super Duty. They are pretty hard to come by.

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It’s a 20 year old truck, odd that the $3500 rule of thumb went out the window in 2014.

I’ve never spent more than $3500 on a diesel trucklike vehicle, guess that’s why I don’t own them anymore
I am surprised that nice tow hitch made it without disappearing from a salvage vehicle lot.
The public is not allowed into IAA's storage lot and they have security at the gate. Thefts would have to be by employees or anyone allowed into the lot such as insurance adjusters (me). Your vehicle also has to have a flag on it or a magnetic red cap to increase visibility as not to get run over by a giant fork truck.

Vehicle owners are generally not allowed into the lot very often if at all. If you need to empty out your vehicle, a giant fork truck will bring the vehicle to a customer staging area behind the gate or to the front public parking lot.

I'm sure thefts do occur, but for smaller items in the vehicle, i.e. change, chargers, etc. Occasionally I'd empty out a car for a customers special request and if I didn't find something they wanted it makes me look bad so they are either mistaken or someone at the yard / tow truck driver took it.
Update- there were no live "bidders", the pre-auction high bid of $9875 (before fees) $10,984 minimum after fees, was the final bid. To my surprise, the reserve on this truck was not met.

I do a informal spread sheet on pre-bids, and what state the pre-bids are from. This gives a bit on intel if the truck goes back on the auction next week, on who is returning to bid, and who may have lost interest.
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$3500 won't even get you a running gas truck in my area, or if it does run, it shouldn't be on the road and you can probably see the road through the floor.
$5000 would buy a low mile 4 year old v8 1/2 ton gas truck in 2009, as I did.

My last diesel suburban left the stable in 2014, my last diesel car in 2015.

As for my remaining truck I’ve recently asked $5000 (after hearing all day about the big money trucks get) but have never been offered more than $1200 for it
88,000 miles, auto, 5.2, 6 passenger bench, 2001 1/2 ton, Rhino liner came all over the truck including inside the bed back in 2005 when I bought it. (PO had strange taste I guess) Runs fine, have done the trans fluid every 15,000 miles (mainly due to how little I use the truck) rear freeze plugs have always leaked.


As it is now I have uses for a truck even if only a few miles and weekend yard waste and it’s cheaper to keep this around than get another truck that will just rust out from lack of use.

If I ever get into trailer mode again this is the only vehicle I have anymore that can move the enclosed trailer, haven’t even installed a hitch to my cars (though I probably should considering my truck is basically a trailer hitch these days and the small trailer I take everywhere would be light enough to move short distances by car.

If I have to move again the truck is handy
The winning Bidder did has not paid for the vehicle, or not accepted the Sellers counter offer since the high bid did not meet the reserve,

If it is the latter, the vehicle will more likely than not become a Buy It Now(BIN) at the reserve price about 0400 Pacific time Saturday, or Tuesday. If the truck is offered for BIN, and is under $12,000, I think I will buy the truck. Justification is I have the same exact truck with the V10. I upgraded the front end to the 2005-2007 update, and have the 2004 OEM 18" rims, and have new Michelin E rated tires on those rims. Doing the math, I can move everything over from my existing 2002 V10, and convert to a diesel, for under 3,000, assuming I can sell the 2002 V10 for 8,000.

The above scenario is just hypothetical. The real drive on this is the truck is relatively local (Las Vegas, 1,000 mile drive from Seattle), and has a Oregon salvage title, which is the easiest title by far in all 50 states to convert a salvage title to a rebuilt title. And you for note- never every buy a Oregon vehicle with a rebuilt title, no inspection or audit of the repairs is required to convert a Oregon salvage title to a Oregon rebuilt title.