tankless gas water heater

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Jan 4, 2008
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well, I have been studying this issue for a year and now my regular hot water heater is on its last legs. I would love to install the 100% solar heater in Build it Solar web site, but the logistics aren't that good. So I am thinking of EZ Tankless on e-bay from Earl Park In. Any experience? They have several u-tube videos-incl a make your own "hotsy" pressure washer. Comments?
I don't know anything about EZ Tankless. I have a Bosch tankless and love it. Be advised, if you don't have a water softener, every couple of years you'll have to take it apart and acid soak the coil to get the hard water deposits out. Also, with a 3 gpm rating, you can take a shower or run the washing machine or run the dishwasher. You can't reliably do two of those things simultaneously. A tankless HW heater will pay for itself over time due to the reduced gas usage.
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I have a Noritz gas tankless 7.5GPM outdoor model and I love it!! I used space that I reclaimed from where the tanked water heater used to be and the laundry room to build a bathroom where none existed previously! I'm pretty thrilled with the outcome btw. As for the laundry, I took out the butler's pantry and set it up for a stackable w/d pair, which I now have. Pretty happy with this too. In fact I'm quite happy with all facets of this project, but I really love my never-ending hot showers laugh
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