Taking a Road trip....oil advice

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Oct 23, 2006
I'm going to be doing Chicago to Orlando round trip this summer. Now, my thought is to run QS, FS, or YB, as the trip should be pretty easy on the oil with it being mostly highway miles. If I go syn, I'd probably go PP or maybe RTS, just to try it. Round trip is 2300 miles. I am guessing, like I said, that a conventional would do just fine.
Are you going on a fresh fill of oil? how much oil does your current fill have? if you have less than 3000 miles i would not bother changing the oil out. If you have more than 5000 miles on the current fill then I would probably do an oil change. (assuming conventional is used).
Go Pennzoil Platinum. Change just before trip....and then leave it in for at least 5k miles. Will do you perfectly well and give you an extra feeling (subjective) of confidence.
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Why would you change from dino to synthetic for an easy freeway run?
x2 ???????
High summer temps for one thing (ever been to Orlando in the summer?) Plus, it's possible to get ever-so-slighly better mpg, and the confidence of knowing that you have a very good oil in the engine. That said....yes, you could put the cheapest dino oil on the market in there and the vehicle would not have any isuues during the trip....but why would anybody want to do that on such a long, hot trip when the temps rise into the 90+ range and the possibility of heavy traffic??? It's only a matter of a few bucks....right? I would want the best protection I could afford on such a trip so that I could relax and enjoy the scenery. Just me...others have opinions just as valid.
I don't see how your choice is affected because you're going on a long trip. Whatever pros/con feelings you have on conv. versus syn, I would say is applicable to your regular drive also.
the 99cent/qt walmart brand should suffice. 2300 miles? use the cheap junk and change it with cheap stuff when you get there, and with good stuff when you come back. i guess i dont really follow the question.
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