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Dec 28, 2011
Running an 04 F-150 with 5.4 3V and yes have the cam phaser ticking noice when warm. After reading the Ford TSB stating it is normal for this engine do not attempt repair I'm fine with it. BUT there seems to be a lot of posting on sites that "I switched to 5-20 instead of 5-20 and it's all great now" and other various statements that this makes the stars align, etc... I've settled on MC 5-20 and MC filter or P1 depending upon availability (sometimes MC filter hard to find) with 4k OCI. I'm certainly not anywhere near the knowledge base of the majority of posters here; so I figured good opportunity to learn something. What do all of you think about using the 5-30 weight or the 5-20 weight?? Am I wrong to think I will get the same longevity out of my engine using 5-20 as opposed to 5-30, all else being equal? AND IMHO I would think 9/10's of the issue is addressed by actually changing the oil and filter regularly!!!
Ford allows the use of 10W-40 in these engines as a way to quiet this. I wouldn't run it in the winter; but in the summer I'd try it, and see how it works.
Nothing but trouble with hydraulic cam phasers on all our cars. The Toyota has a flter screen in the oil feed to each phaser bank. You may wont to check into this for the trident. PS. I been informed here the new F coyote has mechanical cam phasers ... thank goodness.
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