tacoma oil capacity discrepancy

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Jul 25, 2003
hi all... i just did my first oil change in my 2003 tacoma w/2.4l 4 cyl. the owner's manual states the capacity with filter as 5.8 qt., i added this amount and it was waaaaay too much. i probably drained out over a qt., it's still a little high. any ideas about why the factory spec is wrong?
I have the same Engine,(99). The manual & the "Haynes"book say the filter holds 0.8 qts and the block 5 Ots. Next oil change fill up filter before you install it,and then add 5 Qts.to the block.Check dip stick in the AM before start up. The Toyota filter is very small and it doesn't look like it would hold eight tents of a Qt.,more like five tents.When you fill up the filter see what it will hold.I have never had a over fill.Best of luck,you have the BEST four cyl.truck on the street.It Will go the distance with a littlt TLC.
Lots of vehicles of all makes are like this. My 02 Dodge 1500 QC with the 4.7 is supposed to hold 6 qts. it holds close to 5.5. if fact you have to check it while its warm. about 20 minutes after shut down to get a good reading. if you check it in the morning after sitting all night it will show a 1/2 quart too much no matter how much i drain back out... i wonder if the ADBV's in my Napa Gold filters and a bit screwy.. who knows.
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