T6 rotella 0w40 ok?

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Should be great in that engine. I saw it mentioned a couple times that some AZ stores here in MN have it. I stopped by my local AZ and they had a place on the shelf for it, but didn't have any in stock.
Well outdated hmmm yes maybe. And then the japs know a thing or two about metallurgy and how to construct an engine. I work in the marine retail world and also supply Yanmar marine engines and spares. Yanmar do NOT aprove the use of CJ rated oils in their marine engines. Maybe they are concerned about the lower traditional antiwear additive content in the CJ oils. Maybe they are just out of date. Or maybe they are in to something. I tend to lean against the later when talking Yanmar. Take their recomendations dead serious! They know their stuff on diesel engines for sure. Then it is up to us to interpret the recomendations they give. But trust me, they do not give a warning based on being old fashioned and consrvative. For what it is worth I have not looked into the specifications of the T6 Rotella 0W-40. So flame me for that if you want to. But for your own sake stick to Yanmars recomendations. It might pay off. And please do not start the "syntetic is allways superior" rage here, as it will not convince me. Why not an 15W-40 HDEO CI spec oil unless you are running in arctic conditions??? Motorsen
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The manual also calls for CF or higher. I have read that the Japanese oil specs are often outdated. I will get some and try it
Don't be confused by Japanese Oil Specs especially regarding Industrial Equipment. They typically state the minimum API requirement - here it is CF. The "or higher" is the operative thing as is the correct viscosity The Japanese have done this for several decades and it is primarily due to the diverse Worldwide marketplace where their Equipment is sold. Of course lubricant standards/availability vary in these Markets - even in China At a 1983 meeting I had in Japan with Kubota Engineers it became clear that they would not endorse the use of synthetics in the engines I was using. It was clear that conservatism was in their best interests and the "first" API Spec was furthered at every chance I used the synthetic anyway lubricant and achieved 3000hr OCI within the Fleet operation via a UOA programme