T-Shirt Sayings

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May 27, 2002
London, AR
-Best T-Shirts-

A Washington Post columnist prints a column each summer listing interesting
T-shirts he observed at the Ocean City, MD, beach. Here's his 2003's best:

--I childproofed my home...but they still get in.

--(On the front) - 60 is not old. (On the back) - - If you're a tree.

--I'm still hot! (It just comes in flashes.)

--At my age, "getting lucky" means finding my car in the parking lot.

--My reality check just bounced.

--Life is short; make fun of it!

--I'm not 50. I'm $49.95 plus tax.

--Annapolis -- A drinking town...with a sailing problem.

--I need somebody bad. Are you bad?

--Physically Pfffffttt!

--Buckle up. It makes it harder for the aliens to snatch you from your car.

--I'm not a snob. I'm just better than you are.

--It's my cat's world. I'm just here to open cans.

--Earth is the insane asylum of the universe.

--Keep staring . . I just may do a trick.

--We got rid of the kids. The cat was allergic.

--Dangerously under-medicated!!

--My mind works like lightening. One brilliant flash, and it's gone!

--Every time I hear the word "exercise"...I wash my mouth out with

--Cats regard people as warm-blooded furniture.

--Live your life so that when you die, the preacher will not have to tell
lies at your funeral.

--In God we trust. All others we polygraph

Earth is the insane asylum of the universe.

Good one.

PS What's with all the cat T-shirts???
Here in Red Sox Nation, there is a T-Shirt that says:

"My favorite baseball teams are the Red Sox and whoever is playing the Yankees"
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