Synthetics not good for blown (AED, Eaton) and N/A engines???

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Sep 12, 2002
An expert on N/A and blown Ford modular motors told me this: He said synthetics can gum up the intercooler on the AED blowers. All blowers pull oil into the intake, and even a stock N/A engine does this. The Eaton will pull large amounts of oil mist into the blower and coat the intercooler with teflon. Then this gets heated to 170-200F and turns golden brown. "I've spent many hours cleaning AED/SPEARCO intercoolers with different solvents and the DINO oil always cleans up faster and takes less time to coat the intercooler." My question is this - why would synthetics not be as good as dino in this case?? [ June 05, 2003, 07:36 AM: Message edited by: metroplex ]
Well you know what the say about experts. Each Day they learn more and more about less and less till they know everything about nothing.
[Smile] I asked him "why" and he said "don't argue with me" [Confused] he said the oil would turn golden brown at 200F - I can understand this happening with dino oils but synthetics?!?! M1 certainly wouldn't coke at this temperature.
Doesnt make sense. Especially about the teflon bit. Or the fact that dino "takes less time to coat the IC". Sounds like those applications need an oil/air separator badly!!! I put a OAS in my turbo nissan, and it has hardly collected anything, despite some hard driving over the past 2000ks.. Dont worry about him. I bet he wouldnt even know what oil that coated the IC unless they told him.
Originally posted by metroplex: ...The Eaton will pull large amounts of oil mist into the blower and coat the intercooler with teflon...
Where's the teflon coming from? Slick50, QMI, or? Since when do common synthetic oils contain teflon???
Oh no, excessive BS in the oil causes sludge, gum and other byproducts [Eek!] Whats the allowable PPM or % of BS in oil analysis [Big Grin]
hmmm OAS??? I'm not sure if the AED superchargers for the Ford modular motors come with one. [ June 05, 2003, 12:12 PM: Message edited by: metroplex ]
Sounds like this guy needs to learn how to make a catch can (oil/air seperator for crankcase vaccuum). They are the best things ever for forced induction engines which utilize an air to air/air to water intercooler.
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