Synthetic 'Sludge' vs Dino Oil Suldge

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
Couple questions from some reading I have done. A)One article said that when dino oils burn and and thicken it turns into coke. On the other hand PAO/Ester/Parrafin based syntehtic oils simply turn to ash which the rest of the synthetic oil and detergents quickly dissolve back into into solution. Is this a correct assertion between the two? B) Of course with consistent lubrication service a long engine life should be in order. However, in one article and Engine builder/machinist was saying that the deposits left by Synthetic oils are actually more aggressive than those left by dinos. He was saying that getting of synthetic deposits during the block/heads etc cleaning was a pain. Would you agree this is true or a falsehood? Thanks-
I would agree that if Synthetic were to leave behind deposits based on burning or thicknening, these would be harder to remove because the molecules are quite inert. It would take very strong chemicals to remove it probably. I got some synthetic oil and dino oil on the same t-shirt once. The dino oil stayed in the shirt but the dirt cleaned out. It turned from brown to bright yellow, like the detergent only had effect on what was suspended in the synthetic, not the oil itself. The dino oil stain just went to a fainter shade of brown. My question is this: What the heck caused the synthetic to get so hot enough to burn? Or what caused it to thicken, neglect? I've never seen these two conditions. Paul
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