Synthetic or Petroleum

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Apr 18, 2004
Boynton Beach FL.
Here's the deal I ordered Auto RX after developing a oil leak.With 140000 mi on my Nissan PU 2.4 using Castrol Syntec the life of the truck (10 years) A. Should I stay with the Syntec or use another oil like Chevron Supream.10/30 B. Use a high mileage oil like Chevron Supream HM. C.Use a blend like Schaffer 10/30 D.Use AMSOIL 10/30 [Confused]
Syntec is pretty good not to leak, even when used in older vehicles. You have used it from the beginning, so I'd say none of the above will help you. No point in using expensive synthetics until the leak is repaired. I'd use the Chevron until the leak is isolated and repaired if possible. Definitely use the Chevron with the AutoRX treatment. It is to be used with dino only. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will fix the problem. What kind of oci's did you do with the Syntec??
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