Synthetic or HM Dino

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Aug 13, 2003
I have a 97 saturn SC2 manual, and i really enjoy the performance fo the car, it currently is buring about 1qt every 5000k, and i do regular oil changes every 5000k. I am currently using a purolator pureone, and castrol gtx, but I am switching to the k&n oil filter, but im not sure weather to make a switch to either high milage gtx or a chaper synthetic like the motomaster formula 1, or a semi-synthetic blend from penszoil.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and should i stick with the current 5000k oil change even with the k&n oil filter.
It seems a shame to waste the money for a K&N filter and change every 5000K. I really don't know if the Oils you are considering switching to can handle say 10000K. If I were concerned about cost I probably would just keep doing what you are doing. On the other hand you could probably help justify the cost by extending the Castrol probably to say 8000k (5000 miles??) Since you are adding the quart that will help extend the interval.
I have 160,000 km on my car now, im just debating as to weather the motomaster formula 1 synthetic is better then the castrol gtx, and what change interval would i follow with the synthetic.

Im only usin the k7n cause its on sale this week, but later on i will switch back to the purolator premium plus.
IMO, go with a high milage dino oil and a WalMart house brand filter and stick with your normal change schedule.
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