Synthetic Oil and Gasket Life?

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May 27, 2002
Southeast United States
I read somewhere that syn oil is harmful to cork gaskets. It degrades the cork, specifically in timing chain, valve cover and oil pan gaskets. It causes leaks, and the cork debris circulates through the engine and clogs oil passages and the oil pickup screen. Is there any truth to this at all, or is it just more misinformation? Thanks.
Was this a history of the middle ages you were reading.? Early synthetics had some problems but those have been taken care of a long time ago
LOL, yes it was several years ago, in one of the auto magazines. It's sort of stuck in my mind over the years. I brought it up because of an oil pump pickup screen that clogged on my Mustang. The car was very low mileage when purchased, and I ran synthetic oil in it (5-6K changes) until the screen clogged at 95K miles. The syn oil may not have had anything to do with it, but since then I have returned to using mineral oil.
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