Synthetic + 173 000 km Honda that burned oil ?

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Jun 8, 2003
Montréal, Québec, Canada

I have an Honda Civic 1992 with 173 000 km. It always runs with dino oil but i wanna switch to synthetic. It used to burn a lot of oil. The problem is now solved [new compression + oil rings].

But oil on the dipstick now look like maple syrup [1000 km after the repair + oil change]. My first question is : it is a normal oil color ?

Second. Should I switch to synthetic ?
If yes, does my engine need a flush?

Winter are cold (sometime -24 degree Fahrenheit) where I live. If synthetic can help make my engine more reliable, i'll go for it. I need this car to finish my university degree [3 years.. maybe more].

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english. There's not only english speakers living in Canada
I'm learning everyday with web forums.


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Well i would'nt bother if it were mine,just stick with conventional oil.It will work just fine in a car such as yours.As for the colour,sounds alright to me,most oil goes dark brown with a few miles on it.

Your english is very good.

Many people , including me, believe that in a new or rebuilt engine, like yours, several oil changes need to be made in shorter than normal intervals. This is to help flush repair and initial wear junk from the system.

Concerning switching to synthetic:
Hang around here at Bob's with us oily folks and before long you'll be able to pick an oil that fits your situation.
I would also do more frequent oil changes with regular oil before switching. You should change now. and again at about the same milage. I'd hold off a while on the synthetic.

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