syntetic or synthetic blends is bad for older engines??

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Sep 14, 2002
sorrie to start another forum but it didnt relate to my other forum much... a quote from one of the FAQ's on this web site..sorrie if i dont site correctly "The advantages? Longer intervals between oil changes are possible because synthetics suffer less breakdown due to the better base stock used. Usually the synthetics will have a better additive package, allowing the oil to clean better among other things. Word of caution!, Not everyone needs to use a full synthetic oil. There is many times a good mineral based or synthblend will do just as well. Changing to a full synthetic on an older vehicle (for example) can cause leaks in the seals, the detergents can break loose accumulated sludge deposits which in turn could clog oil passages and cause other havoc inside the engine. It's best to consult a lubricant specialist / mechanic to determine what your options are." ok now that a full synthetic in my 91 honda accord (SOHC i4 24 valve) is bad right?? according to an older engine it can be hazardous and i should stay away from it, but how about synthetic blends?? wont that be hazadous? should i jsut go with mobil one drive clean? link: instead of the syntetic blend like this one thanks guys i appreciate it.
A blend would be much safer, as then it would have less of a chance of developing leaks. You should take a look at the Schaeffer oil blends though, they are by far the best blends out there (they perform as good as full synthetics)
I just thought I'd raise another point that I forgot to mention in the first post. The blends you see for sale in stores are all a huge ripoff. At best they only contain 10% synthetics, and with the exception of the Mobil blend, all the blends don't even contain what we consider to be true synthetics, but instead use a 10% mix of group 3 base oil, which is highly refined petroleum oil. So you pay more to get an oil that is not really any different than the lower cost oils on the shelves anyways. Schaeffer blends use about a 28-30% mix of PAO (known as group 4) in their base oil, as well as having a very well balanced additive package. I know that nobody will argue with me when I say it's the best blend available out there.
A blend would be much safer, as then it would have less of a chance of developing leaks. You should take a look at the Schaeffer oil blends though, they are by far the best blends out there (they perform as good as full synthetics) since a blend would be much safer, should i use a "company made blend" or my own blend by mixing a qt of full synthetic? you said that full synthetic on the shelves isnt full synthetic right? i may try that schaeffer oil blend with just 1 qt. im still kinda scared that my engine will be hurt by full syntetic. what you think? should i jsut go with mobil 1 drive clean and a qt of schaeffer? thanks!
Personally, I feel there is only one blend worthwhile, and that is Schaeffer's. IMO, the rest are all hype, and I would run a quality conventional before I'd pay the ridiculous prices of OTS blends. Drop a quart of M1 in on top of regular Mobil, and you have a stronger blend than any OTC blend. Course you have no idea how the chemistry would mesh...
My experience may not match yours. However, two years ago my wifes 97 Saturn SL-1 reached the 100k mark and I up and decided 3k oil changes are costing me a lot of money. Well switched from Penn 10w-30/Fram filters to Mobil 1 5w-30/PureOne filters. Oil consumption actually dropped from 1/2qt between 3k oil changes to 1/4 qt. between 6k oil changes. No leaks any where have developed. The car had no leaks prior to the change. On the next oil change I'm going with Schaeffers Blend. Yet another cost saving move.
VaderSS - Mobil claims their MobilOne synthetic oils are fully compatible with conventional dino oils. I haven't heard anything to the contrary.
well i got my oil. i bought mobil one drive clean. that is the non synthetic blend..its just a dino oil. i forgot that there was a synthetic blend. now im wondering if i should really go with the syntetic blend or just buy one quart of syntetic blend and mix it with my oil that i have now. kinda getting paranoid. and my FRAM oil filter omg i just started reading on fram today and i noticed that if i leave a filter with old oil in it i can see that it starts to drawback...bad filter. im staying away from it now...i want to find mobil 1 but since thats expensive i think bosh, or supertech would be fine IMo. i know for a fact i can find bosh..hopefully mobil 1 as well.
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