Syntec in a scooter?

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Mar 2, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL USA
I scored a couple of $2 quarts of Syntec 10W40 and was wondering your thoughts on running it in a 250cc scooter. Maybe for a shorter oci? It has a dry clutch, water-cooled, usually ridden in the mornings with the occasional afternoon stroll.

It's either going in this or a 95 Honda Accord gearbox (but I got 2 qts of Motorcraft 10W40 conventional for this).

Syntec or MC, or stick to HDEO/cycle oil...what say you?
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I tried to use mobil1 4t or whatever its called in a honda metropolitan 50cc and it dident run or shift as smooth as with the normal honda oil in it. But it had a wet clutch so I dont know how usefull my info is.
Most scooters call for a very short OCI, like 620 miles or 1000 miles. They do that because they have no real oil filtration. With that short an OCI, synthetic is a waste of money.

HDEO or a good car oil would be more than good enough.
The scooter in question, in my sig, calls for the first oil change at 300km, then, at 1000km, then at every 2000km thereafter. So, the Syntec or Motorcraft oil would be fine then.
You already have the oil, so use it. It is good oil and the 10w40 should be fine in your scooter (30wt and below has the high amounts of Moly that can screw with a clutch).

Anyway, pout it in and scoot away!
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(30wt and below has the high amounts of Moly that can screw with a clutch).

Hey Big John -

Take a look at the virgin oil analysis(s). Not much moly in anything these days. Just sayin'. But yes, most of the 30wt oils have the "Energy Conserving" starburst symbol and would not be my first choice for a motorcycle with a wet clutch.

To the original poster - you did say that your scooter had a dry clutch?
Most scooters have a CV clutch/transmission system.
Similar to a snowmobile drive.
Centrifical clutch comes in as RPMs climb and engine will stay at a high/steady RPM as speed increases.
The clutch/transmission system is separate from engine.
Originally Posted By: dwendt44
No clutch on most scooters.

There is a centrifugal clutch in the rear part of the drive on most scooters. It's dry, automatic and separate function from the variable speed drive.
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