Syntec Blend 10w-40, is this the cheapest A3 oil at $2.34/q?

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Walmarts in my area sell the Syntec blend for $9.88 for 5qt jug. Thats for 5-30 and 10-30. Dont know if more for 10-40.
Any decent Group II based, 15w-40 will probably pass the generic, ACEA "A3/B3" specifications. I'd recommend one of those over a synthetic blend with perhaps 10% synthetic content .... Tooslick Dixie Synthetics
Any decent Group II based, 15w-40 will probably pass the generic, ACEA "A3/B3" specifications
Oh yeah. No doubt, but when it comes to meeting warranty requirments, good luck convincing the big 3 automakers (BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen) that your pet oil is as good as their recommended A3 oil. I use Rotella T Synth in a few cars that "require" an A3-rated oil, but with no warranty concerns, I am in the clear.
TSoA, Life is short - run the 15w-40 and spend your time worrying about more important things like biological weapons and world hunger. You have to keep life in perspective, seriously .... Oil related failures under warranty are almost unheard of, and a simple $20.00 oil analysis will prove that the oil wasn't at fault ...In fact, oil analysis is often used by the vehicle manufacturer precisely to resolve these situation. I've shipped oil analysis kits to Germany in the past, and the oil samples are air mailed to Oil Analyzers in Wisconsin for testing. So I can assist you if need be.... Tooslick Dixie Synthetics
Yeah, I'll still run Rotella Syn and probally will get the 15w-40 HDEO for a few cars this summer. I might be wrong after all about the price, MaxLife 10w-40 is ACEA A3 too and cheap as well. My buddies on AudiWorld with new cars are scrambling to use A3 oils when their dealers don't even use it!
TSoA, I noticed the same thing while my wife patiently let me look at oil bottles on a recent trip to Wally World. Looks to me like a lot of US market product just doesn't carry any ACEA rating probably because it generally isn't required by US and Japanese autos. Castrol seems to be the exception and of course Mobil 1 lists these ratings also. Like TooSlick said, I'm guessing others would qualify too.
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