syntec 5w50 in a 89 GP ???

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Jan 28, 2004
Picked up some syntec 5w50 at a k-mart going out of business,couldn't resist it was a 1.50 a quart..Matter of fact i should have bought everything they had, valvoline 10w30 synthetic and some sae 40,but the wife was there and well you know how that goes...Anyway I searched this stuff and see it doesn't get to manay votes of confidence but,would anyone run it in a 89 pontiac grand prix,2.8,120,000 miles??? It never had a steady dose of any one particular oil,dino,semi-synth.,synthetic,high mileage,whatever I had....I usually do 5k oci on this car...Thoughts?????
I know it's not everyone's favorite on here, but I've run it in my car (3.8 L V6) after picking it up on sale too and the car did fine. I think for the price you paid, you got a good deal and I wouldn't hesitate to run it in your vehicle.
I'd stay away from it since it has such a viscosity spread, kind of eliminates one of the benefits of synthetic. It's certainly not need. I had an 88 GP with 186,000 all on 5w30, car ran great. -T
It's one of the best oils made.;f=1;t=005119 The trend in the US is toward thinner oils, in Europe they are a bit thinnner than before, more on the 30/40 weight borderline. HOWEVER, some areas of the World heavy oil is recommended in manuals of vehicles that call for the thin stuff in the US...probally just to meet CAFE MPG standards more easily. My BOSCH machanic uses Syntec 5w-50 by the drum and swears by it, nobody here cares though. Most critics have never used it, correct? [I dont know] Thin it out with some 5w-30 or 20 if desired.
Let's just say...I'm going back to it after a stint with BC 5-40 believe it or not. Consumption was much higher with the BC....
Well I will probably use it in the car and do 4k oci.The car is in not so great condition and mainly does city driving,so it will be kind of an experiment....By the way,went back to the same k-mart last night,4 quarts syntec 5w30,2 quarts valvoline 10w30 synthetic,1 quart penzoil 10w30 suv and all for the low price of $5.80....sweet..although I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna use it all for,yet I feel more secure with my oil stockpile,mind you this is in addition to 4 quarts M1 10w30,7 quarts esso 10w30 and 20 quarts Royal Purpple 5w30...It truely is a sickness...They got 2 cases of castrol HD sae 40..Anyone know what it could be used for???? I may go back and get it..... [freaknout]
Originally posted by Dr. T: Let's just say...I'm going back to it after a stint with BC 5-40 believe it or not. Consumption was much higher with the BC....
Will you be doing a UOA?
I have an '89 Buick with the 2.8L, you could pretty much run anything in there, and it doesn't burn or leak it. That early MPFI engine is a little rough around the edges, but is solid like a rock. I would consider that oil a treat for the 2.8L. It even mentions straight 30 is acceptable (given the appropriate temperature) in the owners manual.
I use 5W50 syn in my Mazda but it's Pennzoil. Best oil I've used in it so far with minimal consumption. 5W50 M1 is the biggest selling syn here by a country mile. You can't go wrong really
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