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Aug 2, 2002
Anybody ever run the new Synergyn 0w-20 synthetic in a street application that calls for 5w-30 or 10w-30? The specs look pretty interesting and I had a nice discussion with one of their engineers about it. It is CI-4 rated and they are actually using it in diesel pickups out in OK. It is supposed to have a very high percentage of organic ester basestock. TS
I've been very interested in Synergyn's 0w-20 as it's only 1 of 3 all group IV and V synthetics available in 20-weight. It's expensive, about $10/qt, and I was told I had to order a 12 qt minimum. It would be in my crankcase now if not for the minimum. I spoke with one of the tech reps also about this oil and they are very knowledgable and friendly. The gentleman said it had PAO, diester, and ester basestocks and that they were mixed basestocks, not blended--a distinction I don't understand, but he seemed to feel was important. I may yet try this oil.
Jay, Want to split a case of this stuff? I only need 6 quarts for my Tacoma and I can send you the other six quarts after I receive the case - it should only cost about $5.00 to mail it out to you. The TBN is supposed to be approx 12.0, so it should hold up fine for 10,000 miles ... Ted
im guessing that it means that if it were 'blended' the oil would have PAO 'blended with a group III or II oil. if one were to read allot of inside tech info about PAO's, their makers site that they (PAO's) are great to use to bond to group III or II oils and that it really makes it (the blended oil) a great performing oil. Now, mixed im guessing, means that it is is just that-mixed amounts of PAO, ester & diester.
Chris you speak an interesting point . I see a trend towards using mixed base oils using group III and group VI , V and variances of them for performance reasons and not the typical less cost or cheapening up the formula generally rumored here and elsewhere on the internet . These newer formulas are showing less corrosive wear metals with the additive packs tweeked to more of a year 2004 concept for lack of better . This concept might include less engine deposits with superior engine protection . A win , win situation for the end user . My personal belief is the days for Ester/PAO only oils are numbered . They will be outgunned in both price and performance in the future . The future is now [Smile] And a couple long standing oils are a full lap behind IMO .
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