Synergen Oils

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Jun 4, 2002
I have seen Royal Purple and Redline posts but never seen a post asking about Synergen. They seem to have a very good product,,Warren Johnson and other racers has used their oils, it can't be all bad [Smile] They also have a supplement that seems to be a dual purpose type deal,can use in Power steering systems as well. Deal is one cannot get any info out of them as to what is actually in their oils and supplements. Imagine that! However this is the norm it seems,I tried last night to see a data sheet on Mobils Dino oils,,not much info there at all either [ June 29, 2002, 10:54 AM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
Well I have found out it has ZDDP in it but that was about all other than this: Viscosity (cST) @ 40C 348.7 API Gravity 28.6 Specific Gravity 0.8834 Density lbs/gallon 7.38 Flash Point F 374 C 190 Pour Point 0 Fahrenheit -18 C I was told it had ZDDP in it and suspect it to have an Ester The color is a medium green for what it is worth. My Daughters car had a notching feeling steering rack and after pulling the old fluid out of it about 10 times during the course of a week and putting new steering fluid in it I added some Synergen additive and it is the problem is fixed for the time being.Fingers crossed [Smile] [ July 04, 2002, 07:04 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
You could have used the Schaeffers 131 neutra in that steering rack and would have done resolved your problem by cleaning and reconditioning the seals. If there is not an actual mechanical problem that exists, most time it is due to problems from where the old oil has oxidized causing acid and contamination build up and seal failures from improper lubrication getting to them. Friction modifiers might at times "fix" a problem but in most cases will not take care of seals. Cleaning and neutralizing the acids and reconditioning seals is the preffered way to do it. Obviously you where on the right track by changing the fluid and it may be due to the 10 times you changed it that started it to work after a bit. I have been watching closely how additives added to oils affect the results and find it interesting that where problems exist such as smoking, shifting problems, clutch chattering, rough idle and such, seem to all stem from lack of a clean system and build up starts taking place. This is why the auto rx and 131 neutra seems to be so good in these application as it actually cleans up and reconditions seals due to the stuff that actually causes the problems due to the ineffective cleaning abilities of certain lubricants and especially those of which that are completly ignored for extended period of times such as the transmission.
Synergyn, I was sponsored by them in 98 running a Pro road race team. Their products are unique in that they are syn blends with a heavy emphasis on the Synergyn additive. The oils also have championed thin weights as low as 0000 for racing. Like alot of small companies they are secretive because that formula will make or break them. Dragboat, the add #'s you posted are the green synergyn bottle that in my opinion uses too thick of a carrier fluid. The stuff does work quite nicely. Their formulation combo is similar to Schaeffers without the MOly and other mettalic adds. And in timken tests it does pretty well, bob ,may be able to shed light on that. They never supported me as much as I would have liked inspite of me dragging a beautiful featherlight trailer with DYSON OIL and Synergyn in 5 foot letters all around the US. They where deep into NASCAR $$. I am related distantly to the two brothers who run the company but prior to 1865, before their families left Mississippi for Louisiana. Our stayed in Miss. Some kind of family squabble. Their head chemist is a former Amsoil chemist. He is very sharp. I ran a 0w-30 racing oil instead of 20w-50 and had low wear in 3 hour races. The chemistry if I had to guess relies heavily on a Auto-RX type combo for the EP in Synergyn. I am only guessing though. Instead of cleaning in the oil it is designed for EP , FM ,AW.
It is my understanding the 0/30 can be used in race motors with .003-.004 bearing clearance! A bit too close to the edge for me but if setting the motor up for less clearance for use of the 0-30 might work ou pretty good,I will never know though [Big Grin] Terry,what is FM and AW ?
Fm = friction modifier AW = anti-wear Dragboat I can't comment on bearing clearances as many of my best customers will think I'm giving away proprietary secrets. [Eek!]
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