Syn too early at 4.3K kms or 2.5K miles?

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Jun 11, 2004
Got a new X-Trail Nissan QR25DE now with 4300kms or 2500 miles now. First 700 kms (400 miles) I drained factory oil and put in XD3 5-30 Dino HDEO oil with filter an run this OCI to 2000 KMs or 1200 miles on odometer. I then changed the oil with 5-30 XD3 Dino again and now I am at 4300 kms or 2500 miles total on odometer. (this 5-30 XD3 is CF/SH HDEO, SH is allowed by Nissan, it is lower than SL rating which I believe may speed up breakin a bit

I want to change oil now but I dont know if I should go dino 5-30 XD3 or XD3 0-30 syn which I plan to run for lifetime of Nissan once I start using it. (I run XD3 Dino because add pack is similar to the syn counter part and has great detergent to flush new engine and start it clean)

I have touched into 4000 rpm very briefly 4 times (due to accidental kick down on cruise control on auto tranny which I am learning to hate, miss the standard tranny), generally baby it and warm it good, drive off gentle, no racing of engine purposely to date.

Nissan engines I am told take long time to seat, too early for syn oil now at 4300 Km or 2500 miles?

Go ahead you are fine!Their is no magic number for switching to synthetic! Seeing how an over whelming number of new cars and trucks come with synthetic oil, semi synthetic ATF adn fully synthetic gear lube from the OEM as factory fill you will be just fine. Synthetic is not going to keep the engine from breaking in if that was the case we would all have Oppm of wear metals running synthetic and we know that is not the case!
You can change out to syn. anytime but I am old eashioned I would to a couple more oil changes to 1)flush out the breakin junk,2)if the motor has a problem, hopefully it will show right away.
I would wait for 7500 miles. I didn't feel the 4 cyl on my frontier had broken in till about 7500 miles. At that point I started to feel more of the torque kicking in. I think also occasionally hitting higher rpms is probably good for breakin.
This is my third new Nissan Motor in 5 years now, not by choice, totaled the last QR25DE off.

I wrestle with this syn/dino issue in Nissan engines each early stage of breakin, I understand it does take some high rpms to breakin these Nissan engines and longer duration of breakin.

I have been told this QR25DE takes about 10K kms or 6000 miles in BITOG by people owning these Nissans, very close to your 7500 miles ediamiam.
But, I also hear in this BITOG that syn oil really isn't proven to create less friction than dino, which also reasons to me it should not matter on breakin, again I
what to do here?

My Nissan service manager wants 30K kms or 20K miiles prior to syn use. I cant do that, I want XD3 syn in early and many have told me that wait is too far overboard. Nissan manual really doesn't recommend syn oil, BUT, I just got a brochure from Nissan advertizing full syn OCs at Nissan dealerships, this was very recent, it advertizes Mobil 1 5-30, change of heart I guess by Nissan, cant beat em, join em.

I have done 2 flushes with 5-30 HDEO dino along with filter change at 400 miles, it should be cleaned. I do 3000 mile OCI with XD3 syn oil, I get it under $4.00 Canadian funds per litre, I change my oil using this syn oil with Nissan filter for $22.00, a Nissan dino OC is $28.00. My brother uses my waste oil in his junkers and recycle in my junker too with cheap filter, whoever needs waste oil at time uses it, no waste.

I am really torn here, I fear engine not breaking in right before using syn, yet apparently it sounds like syn should not retard breakin, I want my XD3 syn in that crankcase asap but I dont want to have my haste cause long term problems, my ideal behind syn oil is too make this engine go to full distance, is premature syn use defeating it purpose in long run?

Steve S. Are you saying syn oil will retard any possible engine problems in early in stage?

thanks all,
undecided and frustrated, I can go about another 400 kms yet, any further helpful input appreciated.



In situations like this, I often choose what makes me feel best, regardless of what others say (within reason, of course).

Your fear of using synthetic too early outweighs the advantages of going synthetic on your next OCI. (You have already made up your mind in your last paragraph with the use of "fear").

- the engine isn't going to last an extra 50,000 miles by switching to synthetic one OCI earlier.

- the engine isn't going to blow up using Dino for one more OCI. Today's dino's are closing the gap on synthetics anyway.

- You will have a few more months to enjoy the anticipation of going synthetic.

It's a "win-win" decision, as the human resouce people would say!

Relax,put dino in for one more OCI, and send me some of that good Canadian maple syrup as a consulting fee!

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Chances are that you will be alright by switching over. On the other are you willing to risk the maximum 'driveability' of your vehicle by not waiting for 6000 miles? How many months is that in reality? I plan on holding onto that Frontier for a very long time, and I was pretty darn happy to feel the difference at 7500 miles, and smiling even more these days when I take a trip, having to drive in mountainous terrain, zipping through the gears, revving that engine up and down.
Thanks guys, your right, I did talk myself into dino for another OCI, anxious for the XD3 syn, great stuff. My 5-30 dino is only SH/CF rated but Nissan allows that, the XD3 syn is SL/CI-4.
The SH with lower add pack maybe better for breakin purpose seating in rings?

Sorry, no Maple Syrup here in my parts, grain and beef, the grain makes good beer though, send you a beer in payment

Thanks guys,

I started synthetic at 1200Km for my cars and motorcycles and never regretted it.

By the way, MB, Porsche and many others factory fill Mobil-I, Ferrari fills synthetic Shell so you have nothing to worry about.

Originally posted by Cyprs:
My Nissan service manager wants 30K kms or 20K miiles prior to syn use.

That's all the more reason to put the synthetic in whenever you want
. I put mobil 1 in my Nissan at 30 miles. It uses less tnan an ounce of oil per 1000 miles.
I believe you refer to your 99 Sentra Al, that engine has much same microfinishing as does my QR25DE, sounds like your Nissan engine seated good on immediate syn use. This is a tough decision, I have 4 liters 5-30 XD3 dino left out of a flat due to my above OCIs on this new engine and 12 XD3 0-30 syn in a flat ready for use. I have 400 kms to go so I have some time to think a bit on it, I love this 0-30 XD3 syn, it would drive me nuts having it sitting there another OCI while I use dino but other factors as above come in favor of 1 more dino OCI too. I will probably drain oil, replace filter and make last minute choice in 400 kms from now, in reading posts here sounds like my engine should be okay either way. I still
what I will do, there are good points made for either option here.

Any input on fact I am using CF/SH 5-30 dino in this breakin to stay in XD3 oil, Nissan allows me to use SH according to manual, the XD3 syn is CI-4/SL. Is SH good for breakin, would it speed up breakin bit with less add pack than syn XD3 SL? Is SL syn oil safer bet than dino 5-30 SH?

thanks again,
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