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Jul 16, 2003
Could you guys confirm if it is to early to switch my new accord 03 4cyl. to castrol 0w30 syntec at 7500kl.It will be my first oil drain.(Or should I wait longer before going synthetic).
Daniel, Bonjour et Bienvenu!!! (1) [Welcome!] (2) different OEMs have differing perspectives; some load up the engine with synoil in the factory, some say don't use until 10K miles, so I'd check with your dealer; my personal opinion is that you are fine at 7500 but the manufacturer rules!!!! (see next item) (3) make sure, if 0W30 isn't an owner's manual listed option, that you run this by the OEM or dealer service people so you don't run into a warranty issue should you have a "situation" with your motor (4) If you decide on 0w30 Syntec, DO NOT use any form of it except the German true synthetic version...there are lots of posts on this board regarding this, but in a nutshell, if it doesn't have the 0W30 in a red label and on the back say "Made In Germany; Imported by Castrol North America, Inc," don't get it.
Its not too early-but unless it is the German Syntec. It's not really a "true synthetic". Only priced like synthetic. You'd be much better off with Mobil 1 or Amsoil. Or even Royal Purple/or Redline. Hopefully your Canadian friends on here will be able to tell which Syntec it is. [Welcome!]
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