Switching to synthetic at 130k miles??

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Apr 28, 2003
Warren, MI
I am thinking of switching to synthetic on my 94 Dakota with V6. I have been running either 15/40 rotella T for a while now and kendall before that. I just ordered some auto rx to do on the next oil change. Afterwards I was thinking of switching to Mobil 1 synthetic. What does everyone think?? I have no oil leaks or am not burning any oil now. So I don't want to after switching either obviously, that is my only worry.. I've had a couple of oil tests done and always come back pretty good. Thanks for any input..
Since you seem to prefer the 40 weights, why not go with Mobil 1 SS 0W40. Just curious why 40 weight s and not the 10W30's.
the 40 weight i did a while ago. the main was reason was advice from my uncle. he is a farmer and always ran kendall 15/40 kendall diesal oil. so i thought i would try. i talked to several people out in the country who swore by it... it has done me pretty well... i guess i thought about switching to synthetic for a little longer drain intervals. the main reason for mobil 1 is they have it at costco for like $22 for 6. i run it in my 95 dakota with a built 360, so i could use the same oil for both. probably just use 10w/30. since that's factory spec anyway... i don't think anything will happen going to a lighter weight after about 70k miles of thick stuff... we will see... any other recommendations are appreciated...
I think that Mobil1 10W-30 wouod be fine. You can always thicken it up a bit with 15W-50 if you are towing or really beating on it. Many will frown on the practice, but I do it on my Pickup which uses some oil. The 25% 15W-50 cut down consumption considerably and brought the viscosity up to a very high 30 wt.
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