switching to Syn in 1985 22r for long trip?

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Jul 6, 2009
I am driving from west Tn. to SW Colorado in late July in my '85 4X4 Toy. pickup. I40 90% of the way and it will be hot, 12 hour days on the road. I will be trail riding in Telluride/Silverton area. My truck has been extremely well maintained by the original owner and myself. Always had conventional oil. Engine was rebuilt 25000 miles ago and also had only conventional. I was thinking of going to Mobil 1 for this trip because of the heat and duration of the interstate drive and also because of the slow trail riding. Do you guys think the Mobil 1 will give good benefits in this situation? Any down side? It is a father son bucket list sort of trip, he will be in his '87 Toyota 4X4. Also, what weight would you use? Thank you, Travis.
Why not use a good syn blend? Pretty much any blend will give you improved protection without going full syn. Maxlife seems to be the reigning king of blends, and is cheaper than full syns too. That's what I would do.

but make it a point to stop for gas close to OKC to get REAL gasoline. About 3.45/gal.
mobil one will work well, but do you want to switch oils before a long road trip? Sometimes engines consume some oil when switching brands, or going from conv to syn. 90% highway driving will be easy on the oil. If you do switch , i would take few quarts with you just in case.
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Thanks for the replies. I am sure I will stop in OKC. Been this route 6 times but in much newer vehicles. I am just looking for advice from some people with experience in doing this. Truck is great and will probably be fine, just looking for an edge. The worst part of the trip will be no A/C. LOL. Thanks.
Highway driving is real easy on oil. Pick any 5-10w30 synthetic oil of your choice. You should change it immediately so you have enough time to check for leaks.
Put in Mobil 1 5w30 synthetic and you will be in great shape. That oil is great, has been around a long time, and you can pick it up at walmart for 23-24 bucks. Then you can ease your mind while on your fun trip.

Have a great time.
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